Fusing machine belt with buttons. Used widely in all textile industry.

Feeder belts are moulded and coated with rubber on top for feeding the material into machines. Used in corrugated paper industry.

Fastener equipment can be used for fixing the fastener to the belt with thickness ranging from 2-10mm. The equipment is available with various face strips.

plastic modular belts with sidewall and cleats as per customer requirements for special applications. we have bucket type cleats also. we will supply close top and perforated top

Suction Tapes of Cigarette Industry


HoneyKomb Belts are used for conveying and heat application areas.

Poly Urethane pneumatic hose. Used in pneumatic machines for operation. Available in 8mm, 10mm and 12mm diameter sizes.

Polyester mesh belt is used for drying and washing purposes. This belt can be supplied with V groove at the bottom.

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