We are the manufactu

Garniture Tapes of Cigarette Industry

We are the manufacturers and exporters of Garniture Tapes, Suction Tapes, Fixed Carriage Bands, Catcher Bands, Grip Tape, Nylon Sand-witch Belts or Flat Belts, Conveyor Belts etc. used in all Cigarette Industries. We supply Garniture Tapes, NylonTobacco Bands or Suction Tapes and belts used for all kinds of making M/cs. like MK5, MK8, MK9, Max, PM 4-5, Skoda, Hauni, Decoufle, Loga, KDF, protos, Garant, GD 1-2-1, LOG, LOGA, LOGA2 etc. and belts for all kinds of packing Machines.

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